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Digital Aerials

With no strings attached, Freeview offers over 90 subscription free channels of TV and audio entertainment. Freeview is received via a compatible digital Freeview aerial and set top box or TV with a built in Freeview tuner.

Freeview reception is subject to your existing aerial system being digital compatible. If your existing aerial is not compatible or has a fault, your Freeview reception will be reduced in terms of the amount of Freeview channels you will receive.
Will your old TV aerial work with your new Freeview box or new TV with built in Freeview receiver?

We recommend trying your new Freeview equipment with your existing aerial. If you have problems like picture freezing and or squares on the screen or missing channels then give us a call as we can help.

Our standard Freeview aerial is approved for digital reception and has the digital tick logo of approval. It would be installed using galvanised mast and bracketry.

Freeview aerials can be installed on a wall, chimney or in your loft and are installed with CT100 or WF100 benchmark digital quality cable to one TV location.

Have more TVs you would like to connect? No problem. We can set up your new Freeview TV aerial to feed as many TVs as you like.

Service vehicles fully equipped for the job Our installation vehicles carry a wide array of digital Freeview aerials and equipment.

Freeview aerial installers qualified for the job We have Freeview aerial installers have the necessary knowledge and experience to install digital aerial and satellite systems.

All of our Freeview aerial installations use materials that are ‘Digital UK’ approved quality throughout. Why settle for less? We won’t.

Our high gain range of Freeview digital aerials for poor digital reception areas

Digital Aerials