AllSat Solutions


An expertly and fully installed automatic satellite receiver and motorised satellite dish is the answer to receiving a wide variety of European and Middle Eastern satellite channels, in a variety of languages.

A digital motorised or automatic satellite receiver means that a signal can be received from a number of satellites. When you wish to change television channel and select to use a different satellite signal, your dish is automatically re-points to receive the correct signal.

With so many satellites and channels available, we tailor the installation of your digital motorised satellite receiver to suit your viewing needs. If you want to watch encrypted or premium subscription only channels, you will need a satellite receiver with CAM access to use a decryption card and unlock those channels.

Many of the channels which can be received require no additional subscription, and are available in a number of languages, and with a motorised satellite receiver, you do not need to manually repoint your dish each time you want to view these channels!

Motorized Systems